Photo of Walthamstow village with illustration of bee holding a sign that says "hey honey"

BEE17 Clothing Colab

In the heart of Walthamstow Village is a small scale beekeeping operation that goes by the monikor: BEE17

Foksy & BEE17

Along time ago in Walthamstow, there was a crew. Now there is way less crew. But this crew is how Rich and I got to know each other. He does the bees and honey. I do the doodles. If your bee senses are buzzing and you would like to purchase some clothing because you need to bee seen out and about sporting some BEE17 apparel then click the button below.

Male model sporting bee17 print on white shirt. lookin smooth.

Raw Walthamstow Honey

East London bees.

BEE17 pride themselves on producing the best quality raw honey and supporting local organisations in providing forage for pollinator species. You can find BEE17 products in selected outlets across Walthamstow or at a number of pop-up shops held within the Village throughout the year.

Photo of bee17 apiaries in walthamstow, London.