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Clothing, stickers & custom painted skateboards.

Eco clothing Store

Eco T-shirts & Hoodies

Wear it till it has holes and your significant other just shakes their head in dismay when you proudly sport it in public like a dog gleaming with a rotting rodent drooping from its mouth. it can then be sent back and recycled so that some one else can do the same again.

These t-shirts and jumpers are made from organic cotton and produced in the UK using renewable energy throughout the supply chain.  Follow the journey from seed to shop here. All clothing is delivered in plastic free packaging.


Commission a skateboard

Custom Artwork

You can commission me to paint a skateboard for you or see what I have lying around. I have done canvases for people in the past. I prefer to up-cycle old bits of plywood or used skateboards. Not just cos I’m a cheapskate but I like to re-use things and create less waste.

See some of my past projects by following the link.


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Clothing, Stickers & Accessories

You can buy stickers to slap on your bosses head or in your locker at school. F**k it. Stick ’em everywhere. It’s not you that will get in trouble. It’ll be me that gets an email when you bastards start stickin’ them on cop cars and private property. Just don’t get caught, for Foksy’s sake.